Antiperspirant Moisture Barrier Spray – 4 oz.


  • Reduces perspiration caused by hip pads, breast forms and shapewear.
  • pH balanced for sensitive skin.
  • Scent-free.
  • Minimal residue; compatible with most adhesives and makeup.
  • Made in the USA


Reduce Sweating Beneath Silicone Prosthetics

NEW and improved! This powerful antiperspirant is formulated to reduce sweating beneath silicone hip pads, and breast forms. It’s also great for use under Spanx, corsets, cinchers and other shapewear garments.

  • pH balanced for sensitive skin.
  • Sprayable for application to large areas.
  • Water based, so it is slow to dry, but will not dry out the skin like alcohol-based products.
  • No fragrance, glycerin, or nonessential additives. Low-residue so as not to interfere with makeup or adhesives. 

Antiperspirant Tips

  • Apply antiperspirant daily; not when you dress up. Maximum effect is obtained after several days of continuous use. 
  • Studies indicate that the best time to apply antiperspirant is just before you go to sleep. Your sweat glands will be less active while you sleep, allowing them to be more effectively clogged by the antiperspirant. 
  • If a single daily application is not sufficient, try applying twice daily. 
  • There is some evidence that massaging antiperspirant into the skin may improve results. 
  • Apply only to completely dry skin.
  • DressTech Antiperspirant Spray is “low-residue”, not “residue-free”. You should still clean your skin prior to application of makeup or adhesives. Don’t worry, a quick rinse will remove antiperspirant from the sweat pores, where it is needed. 

How Antiperspirant Works

Most antiperspirants contain aluminum salts. When applied to the skin, the pH rises, causing the aluminum salts to precipitate out and temporarily block the sweat glands. Cool huh?


Active Ingredient: Aluminum Chlorohydrate, 15%

Other Ingredients: Distilled Water





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DressTech Antiperspirant SDS