Transform Super Soft Full Oval Crossdressing breast forms




These ultra-soft, oval silicone crossdressing breast forms are made with a softer silicone formulation and have a thinner, more supple outer skin which allows them to drape more than our standard forms. They have our unique internal nipple to replicate the natural breast.

The Super Soft Oval Breast Forms have been designed to fit all types of figures and physiques. The gel breast forms are 100% silicone encapsulated in a thin, resilient polyurethane film which is soft yet durable. Features internal tinted nipple and drapes more than a standard breast form. Back of breast forms are contoured so it hugs the body.

The full oval style is symmetrical for an easy fit and is fuller at the top than our regular Tapered Oval Style. May be turned in in different directions to be worn in strapless and halter bras. Sold in pairs.

Consider pairing with one of our pocketed bras and complete cleavage kit or cleavage tape to complete your look.  Alternatively, they can be used with our double-sided disposable tape to adhere them directly to your chest wall.


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