About Us

Who We Are

We’re active members and supporters of the CD and TG communities; just like you. Have questions? Need help? The DressTech professionals are eager to help you look and feel fantastic.

DressTech is also the #1 manufacturer of professional products for the CD and TG communities. Our engineers, who have worked in the most demanding industries, use the latest CAD/CAM technologies to create industry-leading products.

Behind The Scenes

WHAT Customers Are Saying

Super fast shipping! I placed an order in the afternoon and needed it FAST. The folks at DressTech packed my order immediately and made a special trip to the post office.


Judi was so nice on the phone and answered all of my questions. Several months later, I saw her at the Keystone Conference and she remembered my name! Awesome customer service!


MEET The Team

Part-time crossdresser and male-to-female model. Like many of you, she started dressed as a young child. Diana identifies somewhere between male and female and enjoy spending time on both ends of the gender spectrum. She’s also an outdoor athlete and an accomplished engineer. After a successful engineering career, Diana co-founded DressTech to provide professional products to the crossdressing and transgender communities. She designed and tooled many of DressTech exclusive products. 

Judi is head of customer service. She loves to hear from our customers. Whether you contact us by phone, E-mail or chat, Judi is always eager to help.

Laurel is a professional artist by trade. She oversees our graphic design projects, as well as production of exclusive DressTech products.