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Transgender Makeover

We gave our good friend April a transformation makeover over the weekend. With the help of a professional makeup artist, we gave our trans model friend a stunning runway look. Our full-body makeover includes professional hair, makeup, and shapewear from DressTech. Transgender women like you can follow our makeup steps below to help you look stunning. This guide can also help crossdressers, drag queens, or anyone gender-fluid who want to achieve a beautiful, feminine look.

Transgender Transformation Makeup Tutorial

Unclockable Tucking Kit vs DressTech Tucking Tapes – Which is Best?

Unclockable vs DressTech Tucking Kits

Why spend more for less? Trans women, crossdressers, drag queens, and other nonbinary individuals have many option when deciding how to tuck their parts. While some may enjoy the everyday convenience of a gaff, others will opt for using tape for snugger and secure tuck. Although many standard tapes can be used for tucking, they often don't provide the best experience. Some tape adhesive will be too strong and cause a painful removal. Others are too...

Lynelle’s Male to Female Full Body Transformation Photo Shoot

Male to Female Transformation with Makeup

Time for another DressTech male-to-female transformation! Utilizing our Mehron Drag Queen Foundation and Drag Contour Makeup Kit, our professional makeup artist transforms Lynelle into a stunning woman. Watch Lynelle transform and model her favorite outfits.

Lynelle's Transformation Gallery

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Drag Queen Breastplate – Liquid Filled for EXTREME Jiggle!

Drag Queen Breastplate Review

Check out the NEW DressTech drag queen breastplate, with liquid-filled cups for extreme jiggle! These premium drag queen breastplates feature a full-length neck, trimmable underbust, feminine clavicle, rib detail, and skin texture. Available in 5 colors to match most skin tones. They're even available with custom nipples, piercings, and tattoos! Caution! Other silicone breast plates are usuall copied from female mannequins; a shortcut that creates serious fit problems for male users. DressTech breast plates are meticulously designed from...

Crossdressers in Lingerie – Crossdresser Video

Our latest crossdresser video features gorgeous crossdressers in lingerie! Check out this sultry video from the DressTech boudior shoot, starring crossdresser Diana Vandenburg and transgender beauty April. Want to see more crossdresser videos? Visit Diana's Youtube Channel!

Products Used in this Shoot

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DressTech Silicone Crossdressing Hip Pads – Standard Length

$229.99 – $349.99

Crossdresser Before and After #TransformationTuesday

It's time for another #TransformationTuesday! Watch me transform  from male to female, and try on some lovely new outfits. Which one do you like?

What is #TransformationTuesday Tuesday?

#TransformationTuesday is a popular hashtag that people use to showcase transformational photos of themselves on social media. What could be more transformational than a full-body male-to-female makeover? 

Choosing Crossdresser Outfits.

We've all heard the expressions, "flaunt it if you've got it" and "fake it if you don't". What have I got? Nice legs! Believe it or...

Find Your Foundation Shade

Foundation Shade Guide for Crossdressing

For crossdressers, finding the best foundation makeup can be a struggle. If you're comfortable shopping in public, then you can test samples at your local makeup store. However, DressTech provides samples of Mehron Creamblend foundation so that you can test it at home! I recommend ordering samples of the 3 or 4 closest shades. After testing the samples on your skin, you'll be able to order a full stick of the correct match. Please do...

Skin Prep Pro Review

Use Mehron Skin Prep Pro to reduce perspiration and extend your makeup! This is super important for crossdressers and drag queens because we usually sweat more than our genetic female counterparts. We also wear more makeup! For additional protection, I recommend applying Skin Prep Pro the night before you dress up. Antiperspirants are most effective when applied at bed time. This is because our sweat glands will be less active, providing the best opportunity for the antiperspirant to plug them up.