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Professionally made by DressTech in the USA

DressTech is the leading product developer for the crossdressing and transgender community. Our engineers have 50+ years of combined experience in the most demanding industries. At DressTech, we use the latest computer aided design and manufacturing to create professional products. Check out our famous Silicone Hip Pads, Butt Pads, and shapewear designs!

For many individuals wearing crossdresser dresses, drag queen heels, or transgender tights, there’s one serious problem. We don’t all have the curves to fit these crossdressing clothes. Dresstech exclusives were made to fill your body and highlight your feminity. With our exclusive Silicone Hip Pads, Butt Pads, Proform Breast, Nipple Perks, Foam Hip Pads, Breast Form Adhesive, and Remover, you can be a Pro Cross Dresser!

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