Complete Cleavage Kit

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Cleavage Bra + Contour Palette + Instructions

DressTech Drag Contour Makeup

  • Pressed powder contour palette
  • 9 highlight and contour colors
  • Ideal for face contouring and cleavage contouring

*Note: Brushes Not Included

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Cleavage Option

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Need more cleavage? This complete cleavage kit contains our popular self-adhesive cleavage bra + the DressTech 9-color contour palette. The cleavage bra gently adheres to your chest and pulls your breast tissue together into real cleavage. Then, apply highlight and contour makeup to make it pop!

Choose Your Cleavage Option

Cleavage Bra


This super-sticky crossdresser cleavage bra is the first step in creating a believable cleavage. Create magnificent, realistic cleavage.

Cleavage Tape

Cleavage Tape

Create instant realistic cleavage that will last all night long with our super-sticky, but gentle cleavage tape.

Contour Makeup

Before Cleavage

Use DressTech Drag Contour Makeup to feminize your face as well as enhance cleavage. This velvety pressed powder palette is formulated to blend easily and build in coverage. Apply the contour in an arc to the top of each of each breast with the darkest point in deepest point. After you’ve done that apply highlight all around the area and blend them together. Well done, you’ve completed drag contour makeup!

Cleavage Contour Instructions

Additional information

Cleavage Option


Black Cleavage Bra, Nude Cleavage Bra, Cleavage Tape


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