Crossdressing gaffs are specially designed to help you hold a smooth and comfortable tuck. When properly tucked, you can wear tight outfits; bulge free! Looking for something more with your gaff? We also carry realistic labia inserts for gaffs so you can look and feel more feminine.

Tucking is the process of hiding your male parts. When properly tucked, you can wear tight skirts or yoga pants; bulge free! Like other tricks-of-the-trade, a good tuck takes practice. With experience, you will learn how to tuck quickly and without discomfort.

1) Ascend The Testes: As boys develop inside the uterus, the testes descend through the inguinal canal and into the scrotum. As an adult, your inguinal canal remains. With some gentle manipulation, it is possible to ascend your testes back into the abdominal cavity. Maneuver your testes upwards, towards the base of the penis until you feel them slip into the cavity. They will naturally tend to descend back into the scrotum so it will be necessary to keep them in place with your fingers until you are able to secure your tuck in step three.

TIP: If this is your first time tucking, you may want to lay on your back and do some self-exploration.

2) Pull Back The Penis: Pull back your penis and loose scrotum material towards your butt cheeks. We find it helpful to reach around from behind with one hand.

3) Secure Your Tuck With A Gaff: A gaff is a sturdy underwear garment that’s designed to help hold your goodies in place. You can wear your favorite panties over the gaff if you find that you require additional support.