DressTech carries an extensive collection of sexy footwear ideal for our crossdressing or transgender customers. Heels for men? Crossdresser shoes? Whatever your needs, you’ll find flats, sandals, high heels and more….. and everything in sizes up to 16! We have a variety of styles from classic pumps to fabulous knee high boots. Want to learn more about how feminine footwear can really help you make a statement and express your style?  Expand the boxes below for great tips on shoe styles, sizes and colors.Crossdresser Shoes, Drag Queen Heels, and Heels For Men

Crossdresser Shoe Styles


Crossdresser heels, pumps

You can’t go wrong with a timeless classic. Diana recommends owning at least two pairs! Black suede or leather is a safe go-to for nearly any outfit. When appropriate, wear nude pumps to make your legs look longer.

High Heel Sandals

crossdresser heels, sandal

Don’t forget to paint your toes! Sandals show more of your foot, which is very appropriate for summertime. Sandals come with nearly unlimited strap designs so you will find plenty of opportunity to express your style.


Crossdresser Shoes, Wedge

A great choice for casual summer! Wear wedges with casual day time outfits. They pair well with summer dresses, shorts and tank tops.


Crossdresser Shoes, Boot

A natural choice for fall and winter. Casual boots may be worn inside or outside of jeans. More fashionable boots pair nicely with dresses and skirts.



Shoe Sizes

There is roughly a 1.5-size difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes. For example, a men’s size 10 is equivalent to 11.5 women’s. Refer to the chart below to find your women’s shoe size.

Crossdresser Shoe Size Chart



Transgender Shoes, Black

Don’t know what color to get? You can’t go wrong with black, it’s the most versatile!


Crossdresser Shoes, Neutrals

The next most versatile option after black. Neutral colors provide a natural appearance for a wide variety of outfits.


Crossdresser heels, nude

Because it matches your skin tone, nude shoes create the illusion of longer, sexier legs.


Crossdresser Shoes, Bold

Pick bold colors (ie red, pink, blue) to compliment specific outfits. These aren’t general-purpose colors but they’re worth having if they make your favorite outfit pop!

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