How To Tuck

Tucking Instructions

Step 1 – Tubular Gauze

  • Cover the scepter with a piece of tubular gauze. Twist the free end so as to close the tubular gauze at the tip of the scepter, then roll the remaining tubular gauze back down over the shaft.
  • Massage the tubular gauze lengthwise for a more snug fit.

Step 2 – Start The Tape

  • Remove the first inch of tape backing paper and apply the tucking tape to the pubic region.
  • Start 1″ to 2″ above the base of your shaft, and press the tape firmly to establish strong adhesion.

Step 3 – Time To Tuck!

  • Use your fingertips to guide the testicles upward into the abdominal cavity (explained below). Then pull the shaft and loose skin rearward, toward the buttocks.
  • Reach around from behind, and hold everything in place with one hand.

Step 4 – Apply More Tape

  • Use your free hand to remove a bit more backing paper, and apply more tape.
  • Work from front to rear, keeping the tape taught for a tight tuck.

Step 5 – Finish Taping

  • Pull the tail toward the small of your back.

Tucking for Drag

There are numerous ways to tuck for drag, but most of them involve pushing the testicals upwards, and into the abdominal cavity. Biological males are born with undescended testicles, and by 9 months old, the testicles descend via the inguinal canal. Even as adults, the testicals can usually be manipulated back into the the abdominal cavity with minimal discomfort. From there, everything else is pulled tightly back, towards the buttocks. Typically, the tuck is secured with tape, or a supportive garment called a “gaff”. Tucking tape provides an extremely flat tuck and maximum security. For this reason, tucking tape is very popular amongst drag performers. It is also a natural choice for swim suits, leggings, and other form-fitting attire. In contrast, many crossdressers prefer the convenience and comfort of a gaff, especially when wearing paired with less revealing outfits.