Crossdresser Black Pantyhose w/ Back Seam


  • Extra sexy back seam.
  • Very sheer.
  • Available in queen size.
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Crossdresser black pantyhose with sexy back seam. Very shear. Going swing dancing? Back seam pantyhose are an authentic addition for vintage outfits, as well as a sexy accent for modern ones. Made by Leg Avenue and available in queen size.

Did you know that all pantyhose used to have a back seam? The first seamless pantyhose appeared shortly after WWII, and have largely replaced their back seam predecessors. However, back seam pantyhose provide a classic look that many still adore. 

Crossdresser Black Pantyhose Sizing

One Size: 90-160 pounds 
Queen Size: 165-275 pounds

Reviewed By Diana

Male-to-female crossdressers often have lovely legs. Why not highlight them with a sexy back seam? It takes a little bit of work to get the seam straight, but I think it’s well worth the effort! Back seams are hot!

Also, these crossdresser black pantyhose are very shear. I love to wear a feminine temporary tattoo under mine.


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