LipStix Lipstick Sealer 0.5oz bottle


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Don’t you have enough to tend to with your makeup without having to worry about your lipstick rubbing off? This amazing product is designed to keep your lipstick on your lips, where it’s meant to be! Will not rub off over the course of the day or evening. It stops lipstick from sticking to your teeth or running into the natural creases that many people have around their lips. Apply Lipstick Sealer over blotted lipstick and allow it to dry for 1 minute. Feels fresh and tingly going on. Once the alcohol base evaporates, your lips are sealed! Literally! Your lipstick becomes drink proof, eat proof, smudge proof, water proof, and even kiss proof! Easily removes (when you WANT it to, and not until then) with makeup remover, followed by soap and water.


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