Pink Goo Beard Cover Makeup


Neutralizes blue beard shadow.

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Affectionately known as Pink Goo, this beard cover makeup will neutralize the blue tint that’s caused by beard shadow and assist in covering it for a flawless drag makeup look.

Lightly apply Pink Goo beard concealer with fingers or makeup sponge over beard, neck, and mustache areas. Set it with powder prior to using your Mehron CreamBlend foundation.

How to Cover a Beard for Drag

Beard cover makeup is an important step in completing a convincing drag makeup look. Without beard concealer the blue tint of your beard shadow may show through as a dull gray area of your otherwise glowing foundation!

Begin by washing and shaving your fave to achieve a smooth and soft surface. Lift off flaky, dead skin that may cause a rough surface using an exfoliating scrub.  After cleaning and shaving, prepare your face with moisturizer and Mehron Skin Prep Pro to control sweat and increase the staying power of your makeup.

Now that your skin is soft and supple like a baby’s bum apply the Pink Goo Beard Cover Makeup to the entire beard and mustache area, being sure to follow it down the neck. Apply a thin layer using your fingers or a firm makeup sponge. While applying be sure to gently press the beard concealer into your skin. Allow it to fill in some of the texture caused by hair follicles to create a smoother finish. Don’t worry if the beard shadow isn’t completely covered, the goal is to neutralize the blue, not replace it with pink. Following beard cover with full coverage foundation will conceal the rest for you. Allow your beard cover makeup to set for 30-45 seconds before dusting it with Mehron Ultrafine Setting Powder. Voila! You are ready to apply foundation.

For additional tips and tricks, check out Diana’s video on applying beard cover and foundation.


  1. shawnxlsx (verified owner)

    I was delighted to find a packaged quantity adequate to cover my entire self.. or, or.. an amount just perfect to help with my upper lip and jaw for the rest of my life!

  2. Ashley (verified owner)

    I tried the “Pink Goo” recently I dont have much facial hair. The hair that I do is on the chin, lip and cheeks are limited. I put on a little because I watched the video and what happens when too much goes on. Once he foundation, contouring and blending happen there is no sign of “Pink Goo” and it hides my facial hair completely. I know this from taking outdoor photos which turned out great. Remember just use a “little”

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