Brazen Bodice Waist Cincher


  • Flexible boning for comfortable all-day wear.
  • Adjustable with 3 rows of eyes to create a perfect fit.
  • Available in sizes XS – 6X
  • Colors: Black, Nude
  • Appropriate for wearing under or over clothing


Introducing the newest generation of our popular elastic waist cincher!  This generation includes front clasps that have a squared off design for a stronger hold and less wear and tear over time.  Silk edging gives a beautiful, elegant, finished look.

Smooth and control your mid section with an elastic waist cincher. Highly recommended for use with our silicone hip pads to create a feminine hourglass figure.

Our cinchers clasp at the front and feature several rows of hooks for a perfect fit. The elastic construction and flexible boning allow you bend and breathe freely. Waist cinchers may be worn beneath most outfits and they are comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis. Diana rarely goes out without one.

Tip: Our waist cinchers provide mild waist control that’s comfortable enough for day-to-day use. If you need more extreme waist reduction for special occasions and short duration, consider our sturdy corset with steel boning. Both garments have their time and place.

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M (27" -28" waist), L (28" – 30" waist), XL (30' – 32" waist), 2XL (32" – 34" waist), 3XL (34" – 36" waist), 4XL (36" – 38" waist), 5XL (38" – 40" waist), 6XL (40" – 42" waist)




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