Crossdresser Before and After #TransformationTuesday

Crossdresser Before and After #TransformationTuesday

It’s time for another #TransformationTuesday! Watch me transform  from male to female, and try on some lovely new outfits. Which one do you like?

What is #TransformationTuesday Tuesday?

#TransformationTuesday is a popular hashtag that people use to showcase transformational photos of themselves on social media. What could be more transformational than a full-body male-to-female makeover? 

Choosing Crossdresser Outfits.

We’ve all heard the expressions, “flaunt it if you’ve got it” and “fake it if you don’t”.

What have I got? Nice legs! Believe it or not, but men often have gorgeous legs, with just the right amount of definition. In contrast, many women suffer from “chicken legs” that are too scrawny and undefined. I keep my legs shaved and often highlight them with a temporary tattoo. When possible, I choose shorter outfits and bodysuits that show them off!

What do I fake? My hips and cleavage! I wear DressTech silicone hip pads to achieve feminine hourglass proportions. Where possible, I prefer tight, hip-hugging outfits that show off my convincing curves! I’m also a big fan of cleavage tape and contouring makeup to create deep, realistic cleavage. Accordingly, I favor outfits with a deep v-neck, and a long necklace to draw the eyes downward, towards my cleavage. 

If I can’t flaunt it or fake it, then I do my best to hide it! For example, my biceps are very strong from climbing, and I like to cover them with sleeves. Black-colored sleeves have a slimming effect, making my arms appear slightly more slender.

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  • Dayle May Reply

    Hi Dianna,
    I was watching some Youtube when I saw a Dress Tech video. What a great resource for cross dressers and your in the Sacramento area to boot! I’ll be back to purchase more products.

    December 14, 2020 at 4:23 pm

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