Short Silicone Hip Pads

Short Silicone Hip Pads

After a few customer requests, our popular silicone hip pads are available in a new short style. These are perfect with mini-skirts, short-shorts, little black dresses and other short summer outfits!

The upper geometry remains unchanged but the lower portion has been shortened by approximately four inches. It is certainly true that our full-length hip pads provide a more realistic shape and gentle blending. However, the short hip pads aren’t far behind! They do necessarily blend more aggressively into the thigh but their but they are still invisible beneath most outfits.


I first test drove the short hip pads on New Years Eve. It was a bitter cold and clear ice made it a challenging night for heels. I wore a tight black mini-dress and the wind stung my bare legs. Despite the cold, I was still excited to be confidently wearing that outfit….


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