Crossdresser Cleavage Tutorial!

Before Cleavage

Crossdresser Cleavage Tutorial!

I get a lot of questions about my cleavage. This tutorial shows all the steps I take while giving myself busty cleavage while crossdressing. It all starts with applying Mehron Skin Prep Pro to prepare my chest for makeup application. Next, I use a Cleavage Bra (or two) to pull my natural breast tissue together to give myself the most natural cleave I have. Next, I put on my pocket bra with breast forms to give my chest the volume of natural looking breasts. Finally, using Contour Makeup, I further create the illation of cleavage by applying shadows in an arch along the top of my breast down to the middle of my chest. Then, for an even greater effect, I apply a highlight above and beneath the counter. Once I blend everything in, I’m done.

This technique works wonders for any crossdresser, drag queen, and trans woman looking to add a little extra to their outfit.

Crossdresser Cleavage Makeup Tutorial

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  • YourFriendPablo Reply

    Great, I really like it! Youre awesome

    January 31, 2019 at 6:58 am
  • Stephie Ingenco Reply

    I love this site, just ran across it this very morning! I am 59 yrs old, I have 50 years of heartache, mental battles and no self worth what so ever. Looking back I wish I would have had the HRT and surgeries in my early teens and become what I should have been at birth, today I would be a whole person.

    October 7, 2018 at 8:45 am

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