Crossdresser Dress Review with Diana Vandenburg

crossdresser dress guide

Crossdresser Dress Review with Diana Vandenburg

Watch me model some of my favorite dresses and bodysuits! Consider the following tips when shopping for crossdresser outfits:

1) Everyone loves cleavage! Learn to tape and contour cleavage and then show it off with V-necks and plunging neck lines.

2) Front zippers can be adjusted to show the desired amount of cleavage.

3) Dark colored sleeves help slim biceps. Lace or 3/4-length sleeves do the job without looking “covered up”

4) Wear proper shapewear for a feminine hourglass figure. That includes silicone hip pads, breast forms, cinchers and corsets.

5) Outfits with a well-defined waist help show off your feminine curves. This includes high-waisted outfits, or a waist that is defined by a belt or ribbon.

6) Short dresses and skirts are fair game if you shave your legs. You can also cover leg hair with opaque dance tights.

7) Check out the “Crossdresser Dress Guide” for more great crossdressing tips.


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  • wade payne Reply

    New to this any advice would be appreciated

    December 2, 2023 at 1:25 pm

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