Crossdresser Dress Guide – Dress Up With Style

crossdresser dresses and drag queen dresses

Crossdresser Dress Guide – Dress Up With Style

Looking for the perfect crossdresser dress? Here’s how to find the right size, and the most flattering styles. Then, follow our tips for shapewear and cleavage to make your crossdressing outfits pop!


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Crossdresser Dress Sizes

Use the chart below to find your dress size. Remember to take your measurements while wearing your shapewear: breast forms, hip pads, butt pads, cincher, etc. Also, keep in mind that women’s clothing sizes are not very standardized. Many brands run large or small, so it can be helpful to browse customer reviews to learn more about size and fit. DressTech hand-measures each crossdresser dress and provides additional size details when necessary.

size chart for crossdresser clothing and crossdresser outfits

Crossdressers and drag queens often have a larger chest and shoulders than our female counterparts. This can make it hard to find a great fitting dress! Try to find a dress that’s loose or stretchy in these areas. A deep neckline also adds some relief to the chest. The DressTech team often works closely with our manufacturers to make sure that these problem areas fit properly.

Recommended Shapewear

Don’t look like a guy in a dress! Men and women drastically different figures. The ideal woman has an hourglass figure with full hips and a narrow, defined waist. In contrast, males tend to have narrow hips, topped by broad shoulders. Fortunately, the right shapewear can give you perfect female proportions.

Silicone Hip Pads

DressTech silicone hip pads are designed to provide male-to-female crossdressers with full, feminine hips. They’re available in multiple sizes, colors, and lengths for a perfect fit. Most people prefer our Standard Length hip pads, because they also enhance the upper thigh and provide very gradual blending. The Short Length hip pads were designed for use with very short dresses and skirts.

Cinchers and Corsets

Consider adding a latex waist cincher or waist training corset to reduce and define your waist. Cinchers comfortably reduce the waist measurement by 1-2”. They’re easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and easy to hide underneath most outfits. You may also wear a proper waist training corset for a more pronounced hourglass figure. The DressTech waist cincher reduces the waist measurement by about 4 inches.

Hiding Biceps

crossdressing dress with arm slimming sleevesAs a rock climber, Diana is always self-conscious of her biceps. Look for outfits with sleeves, but try not to look too covered up. Often, lace or ¾-length sleeves do the job just fine. If possible, choose dark-colored sleeves for additional slimming effect.

Show Some Cleavage

Who doesn’t love cleavage? Click here to learn how to tape and contour convincing cleavage. Not only does cleavage look great, but it draws the eyes downward and detracts from wide shoulders. Another way to draw the eyes downward is to wear a long necklace. Once you know how to make cleavage, you’ll always dresses with deep neck lines.

Show Some Legs

temporary tattoo

Believe it or not, but crossdressers often have lovely, well-defined legs. Try wearing a short crossdresser dress, especially during the summertime! Consider shaving your legs; honestly, nobody will care if you do. Otherwise, you can cover leg hair with opaque dance tights.

When showing bare legs, apply a bit of moisturizer to make them shine, or add a temporary tattoo accent. High heels will give the appearance of longer legs, especially nude-color heels.

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